For more than half a century, Rothschild Diamond has been serving clients world-wide as a family-owned and operated business. From design to delivery, each member of the Rothschild family takes an active role in bringing you the most exquisite fine diamond jewelry.



Rothschild Diamond has a rich heritage in the diamond industry. With roots in Europe and Israel, the company traces its passage to America back to its founder, Efraim (Effie) Rothschild. In 1964, at the age of 12, with a passion for diamonds and a grand vision of what was to come, Effie took on an apprenticeship as a diamond cutter and polisher in the capital of Israel’s burgeoning diamond industry, Netanya.

After Effie honed his skills with small melee, he began working with larger diamonds until he created his first original diamond cut, translated as the Fire Matrix,™ which maximizes the brilliance and size of the diamond. Effie went on to invent a process that promoted faster, more efficient cutting, and became recognized for his cutting talent even as a young man.

Upon completion of his service in the Israeli Defense force, Effie reached another milestone in his career when he opened his first factory in Tel Aviv, Israel with more than 20 employees hand-selected for their diamond cutting skills.

After meeting his wife, a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at the University of Tel Aviv, the couple returned to the U.S. where they settled in New Orleans and established Rothschild Diamond. Effie’s craftsmanship and vast knowledge of diamonds was highly regarded and extremely valuable to retail jewelry stores across the United States.  

Shortly after settling in New Orleans, Effie was recruited by Saks Fifth Avenue to become the resource for loose diamonds and remained their supplier for nearly 25 years. Effie quickly became one of the greatest suppliers of jewelry stores in New Orleans and always insisted on carrying only the highest quality diamonds.

After decades of supplying retail stores around the world, selling exclusively to the trade, Rothschild Diamond opened its doors to private clients, allowing them the unique opportunity to enjoy the most exquisite diamonds in the world, hand-selected by Effie, himself.

To fully appreciate the beauty of the Rothschild Diamond brand, one must understand the spirit within the man who started it all. Effie’s passion for life is at the heart of his custom creations that have become highly coveted by diamond lovers around the world. It is also this passion that has earned him the nickname of “The Boxer” as he is recognized by industry insiders for his “knock-out” designs.