With his superior expertise and knowledge, Effie travels in search of the world’s finest rough and polished diamonds. Each of the diamonds he selects exudes remarkable brilliance and fire, that can only be captured by an ideal cut diamond.

Many of our rough diamonds are cut and polished in Effie’s original factory in Tel Aviv, while the remaining are sent to our state of the art cutting facility established by his son, Henry Rothschild, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Held to the highest standards in the industry, each of the Rothschild cutting facilities is designed for the specific purpose of consistently achieving ideal cut diamonds. Only a select few manufacturers in the world produce a cut that comes close to rivaling the Rothschild Diamond’s premium cut production.

Effie carefully grades and certifies all of his stones based on the most highly-respected diamond laboratory in the world, The Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Rothschild Diamond is a proud member of numerous elite industry organizations including:

Jewelers Board of Trade
Jewelers of America
International Watch and Jewelry Guild
Israeli Diamond Bourse
American Gem Society



Rothschild Diamond guarantees that each of our diamonds is 100% conflict free. We are committed to bringing our customers the highest quality diamonds found in the world and will not involve ourselves in illegal diamond selling channels. Rothschild diamonds are hand-selected based not only on the quality, but on the integrity of their sources.

Rothschild Diamond is committed to socially responsible business practices that adhere strictly to the Kimberley Process. This process, mandated by the United Nations and implemented by more than 60 countries world-wide, requires that each shipment of rough diamonds crossing an international border be transported in a tamper-resistant container and be accompanied by a government-validated certification (the “Kimberley Process Certificate”) stating that the diamonds are conflict-free diamonds. 

Learn about the Kimberley Process here.