Rothschild’s Revamped Reveal!
Rothschild Diamond Unveils New Website

Noted for it’s “knockout designs”, Rothschild Diamond has finally launched it’s new E-commerce site at!  The website was designed as a direct  extension of the Rothschild suite to the world!  Rothschild’s personally works with each customer to find or create the perfect ring, bracelet or jewelry piece. Specializing in the most beautiful bridal jewelry, “we wanted to be able to showcase our engagement rings, fine jewelry and our exclusive database of diamonds from around the globe”, said Tiffany Rothschild.  Effie, being in the diamond business since the young age of 12, based this decision on changing of the times. Effie understood why a company revamp and informative website was a must.  “People don’t even consider walking in without googling about it before making their decisions; especially on an investment like a diamond!”

So, with a new website comes rebranding...and Rothschild’s has done just that.  When picking the new logo, “the knot of hearts” and company color they wanted to encompass the real meaning of a Rothschild Diamond.  The color of purple became the perfect choice!  The color purple symbolizes not only romance, passion and luxury; but good judgement and intelligence.  Surround yourself with the color purple and you will have piece of mind.  “We wanted to convey that when you make a purchase with Rothschild’s, you not only are purchasing from one of the most passionate families in the diamond business today, but also have the peace of mind that you are making a wise decision in doing so.”