A question we so often get at Rothschild’s is “How can I keep my diamonds sparkly?” or “My ring is so dirty, how can I get it sparkly again?”  Well, our first response is always the highly suggested method of getting in the habit of taking off your rings and jewelry before showering, and putting on any lotions or creams.  Otherwise, all of the natural oils on your hands, along with all the lotions and soaps get stuck in every crevice of the ring as well as leaves a residue on the tops of the diamonds!  Gross!  The prongs and basket on ring settings seem to be best collectors of the nasty goop.  

   After purchasing any jewelry from Rothschild’s, please feel free to call us anytime to bring in your diamond jewelry for a good scrubbin’ and steam cleanin'!  Remember, we do this complementary!

   Another answer for keeping diamonds spotless is to use an Ultrasonic. These ultrasonic cleaners are the best things for diamond lovers. They work by simply placing your jewelry pieces into a steel bin containing special cleaning fluid and turning on the machine.  The heat and sonic vibrations get all the gunk off!  The machines run about $100 wholesale and can be purchased through Rothschild Diamonds. But BEWARE! Diamond settings that have very small pave diamonds can easily pop out if for any reason the prongs have been compromised by everyday wear and tear.

   Another quick and easy jeweler trick to keeping your diamond jewelry clean is simple and just requires 3 things... Clear rubbing alcohol, soft bristled toothbrush and a napkin.  

     Steps are simple!!!
1. Place your ring in a small dish filled with rubbing alcohol, just enough to cover the top of the jewelry.
2. Let it soak for 2 minutes.
3. Brush jewelry carefully yet vigorously. Be sure to scrub between prongs and under the basket of your rings.
4. Re-soak jewelry for another 2 minutes, and then let dry on a napkin.
5. Your diamond will look sparkle like new! Repeat every other day for best results.

Note:  Only use this method on fine jewelry such as gold, and platinum with diamonds. Sapphires and rubies are ok too.  For all other gems such as emeralds, amethyst, topaz, garnet, tourmaline etc, you should only use warm soapy water and professional cleaners.