Opal Rough 

Gemstone of the Month: Opal

By: Chris Ballay

 The Opal gemstone remains a transcendent mineral that has mystified people for centuries. It was considered by the Romans to be the most precious gemstone because it's unique rainbow-like appearance includes the colors of all gems. It has often been described as the gem that holds lightning in a bottle and reflects kaleidoscopic colors like a jellyfish. The best way to capture the power of the opal, and to relish in its beauty and mystique, is it's unparalleled resemblance to the infinite vastness of space. Space remains a powerfully seductive place that has perplexed us for centuries. We like staring off in the stars and allowing ourselves to wonder. There is something eternally contagious about space and it's infinite vastness that pulls you in.

The opal gemstone captures this feeling. The transcendent color is the result of seasonal rains, combined with dissolved silica, soaking deep into the underground rock of the Australia outback. Overtime, the sparkling finish comes to light.

Opal Polished